Tell them I'm here! Quake, Trapped Man by BBC Radio Drama North

Want to try Virtual Reality? Come and experience BBC Radio 4’s first venture into immersive 3D storytelling.

Watch through the eyes of the main character as a devastating disaster hits South East Asia.

Ximaon born Rafi is sitting in a hotel bar when a major earthquake hits. Crushed, alone and unable to move, will he escape?

Trapped Man is a 360-degree, 3D film and is the first episode of a pioneering on-line BBC audio drama series Quake, inspired by the remarkable digital revolution in international search and rescue.

By BAFTA Award-winning video production company, BDH Immersive and BBC Radio Drama North. Written by Glyn Maxwell. Produced by Sharon Sephton.

Suitable for adults and children over 13 years


[8 mins]

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