Scarlet Heights

Formed in the early 1980s by Pat Sherry and Nigel Broadbent, Scarlet Heights still create the energy and excitement of their famous Thursday nights in the Midland Hotel, JB’s Wine Bar, Maguires and their many performances at the Bradford Festival.

In the early 90s, different musicians came and went but the solid core of Scarlet Heights which has lasted to the present day is Pat Sherry, Joe ‘Animal’ Caswell, Ian Fairbairn and Sandra Morrison.

On occasions, Nigel Broadbent and Brian Wylie join the band and recently two sons, Jacob Caswell and Christy Sherry have added to the ‘staged mayhem’.

Scarlet Heights’ St Patrick’s Day performances have brought back memories for many and introduced the band to a new generation. It’s Irish music...with a difference. Age is no barrier.


[90 mins]

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